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6 thoughts on “Appraisal Resources

  1. Nice website Adam.

    I am an appraiser in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (CA). I’ve been at it for 29 years with mostly lender work and a scattering of other appraisals. I am anticipating having my SRA by the end of the year and hope to move into mostly non-lender work.

    I was curious how your website is working out. It looks very nice and it is similar to what I have in mind. Do you get a substantial number of assignments from it? I see it is a WordPress site but did you have a website designer do the coding and layout? Just curious. Looking for some tips. I currently have an Alamode Xsite but I’m looking for something that is more effective.

    Tom Molinari

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the comments, I set the site in motion but have been a little neglectful lately but that is about to end. I am a client of Bryan Knowlton, the appraiser’s club Well worth the money I spent to get regular step by step marketing actions. From my website to youtube, to send-out-cards and other drip campaigns to speaking in realtor offices all to gain market presence. I got on page 1 of google organically.

      Nothing I didn’t already know how to do but the format and way it is organized led me to be much more productive and effective. Check it out and if you decide to join let me know. I don’t get anything but do let Bryan know I recommended his coaching services to you.


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